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Gallery update Mick Rock’s superb “Killer Queen” book

48 years ago… 26 October 1973, Queen performed @ Imperial Collage, London, England
‘Queen I’ Tour

Former Queen bassist Barry Mitchell attended this gig at Imperial

Wendy Edmonds (wife of Pete Edmunds) and fashion designer (she designed Freddie’s famous ‘Mercury’ suit) said:

“Queen always believed they were going to make it big. I remember the first gig when we saw them at one of the colleges in London. And then we also knew then that they were going to make it big. I remember that gig so well because we felt really excited. We had seen them hundreds of times and we had this sense that they were now taking off.”

By the end of 1973, Queen were receiving more and more letters from their fans, it was necessary to create a fab club. The fan club is still running strong today. It’s one of the longest running rock fan clubs in the Guinness Book of World Records!

The pictures are taken from Mick Rock’s superb “Killer Queen” book. There is now a different (and much more affordable) version of this book called “Classic Queen” available through Amazon and elsewhere.

An audience recording of this show exists (or once existed).

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