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Freddie Mercury does a press conference

April 1985, Freddie Mercury does a press conference while Queen is on tour in Sydney, Australia, promoting their eleventh album, ‘The Works’

The band is rounding out their series of eight concerts down under with their final gig in Sydney on the 29th.

Freddie’s first solo album is set to be released also on the 29th and he agrees to an official press conference to support ‘Mr. Bad Guy’

Roger Taylor’s personal assistant, roadie, drum tech and also a vital part of Queen crew, Chris ‘Crystal’ Taylor helps Freddie get situated and shares his funny anecdote:

“Lord Frederick of Mercury was about to do a press conference for his first solo album. The room was ready and I had made all the journalist’s and photographers sit down.

I went to get Fred and he was definitely nervous. This time he was on his own without the support of the other three. He threw down a quick glass of vodka and had the last drag of his cigarette, then he entered the hall.

He sat down, lit a cigarette and they asked the first question:

‘You’ve recorded a solo album, is this the end of Queen?’ ‘Oh fuck it …’

Another question, his answer was ‘Fuck you,’ again.

Then another one.

This time the answer was: ‘I didn’t hear the question, but my answer is still fuck you.’

It did go a bit more smoothly after that.”

Freddie has spent the last few months in Munich putting the finishing touches to his first solo album, Mr Bad Guy.

The album will be released this week and it’s packed with new material taking a different direction.

‘I’ve put my heart and soul into this album, he says. ‘It’s much more beat orientated than Queen’s music and it also has some very moving ballads.

Interviewer: You suddenly hit some high notes on this Album, which some of them are pretty astounding.

Freddie: I know, I used the Demis Roussos’ method : you get a pair of pliers under the frock and go ‘crack’.

Interviewer : You haven’t had any operatic training then ?

Freddie: No, not really. I just listened to Montserrat Caballe a lot, you know. No, no not at all. I just have a range depending on what mood I’m in just goes up and down and I think with this Album I’ve had a little bit more freedom, because I’ve had more songs. So I’ve had, you know, a bit of scope to actually try some of my sort crazy ideas. Let’s see.

Interviewer : You talk a lot about love on the Album.

Freddie: Yes, I know, I don’t know why.

Interviewer : It obviously means a lot to you.

Freddie: I’m possessed by love, isn’t everybody though ?

Interviewer : Yes, I suppose they are. Deep down there in spite of the tough fade you put on, are you a romantic at heart ?

Freddie: Well, I guess so, you know. Well i think, yes I just… I like writing songs about love, because I mean there’s so much scope and also they have so much to do with me and you can talk about your kind of lover. It’s something that maybe I’m striving for. I’m trying to say that I can be somebody’s lover, you know, a good lover, that’s another aspect of me too. I expect something different now, come on.

Interviewer : Why do you push yourself so hard ?

Freddie: I’ve nothing else to do.

Interviewer : Well, you have a very big house back in England that you haven’t seen for a long, long time.

Freddie: Yea, I know, well one day I’ll see it. When I’m old and grey and, not quite yet, and… that’s something that I can say ‘OK, when everything is finished’ and you know, and I can’t wear the same costumes and jig around on stage. Something to fall back on. That’s just a house. In the meantime I like outraging people with my new music.

Interview from April 1985 as Freddie is releasing his debut solo album, Mr. Bad Guy


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