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Queen are in Japan 🇯🇵 during their “Sheer Heart Attack Tour.”

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April 1975, Queen are in Japan 🇯🇵 during their “Sheer Heart Attack Tour.”

This is their first Japanese tour and the band fell in love with the beautiful country.

While learning about the culture, they were gifted many Japanese treasures and one was the famous “Kendama” toy

“Freddie loved this toy, called a Kendama…Freddie liked things that he was good at. He didn’t like things he couldn’t do well.”

Brian May

The Kendama (けん玉, “sword [and] ball”) is a traditional Japanese skill toy. The game is basically played by tossing the ball and attempting to catch it in one of the cups or to spear it with the point of the stick.

Although a player holds the Kendama with his or her hand, it is a game that uses one’s whole body, mind, and spirit to perform a variety of fun and entertaining waza (techniques)while at the same time helping develop the player’s sense of balance and concentration.


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