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HWe are here to celebrate the life of Freddie Mercury,

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“We are here to celebrate the life of Freddie Mercury, an extraordinary rock star who rushed across our cultural landscape like a comet shooting across the sky. We are also here to tell the whole world that he, like others we have lost to AIDS, died before his time. The bright light of his talent exhilarates us even now that his life has been so cruelly extinguished. I needn’t have happened. It shouldn’t have happened. Please let’s not let it happen again”

Elizabeth Taylor, ‘The Freddie Mercury Tribute’ Concert, April 20, 1992

“Even after all these years, I could not bring myself to watch or listen to the tribute concert broadcast from Wembley Stadium that year. It was a glorious early summer evening and I decided to have a barbecue with friends in the garden. It had been our intention to listen to the concert on the radio. A song came on which held particularly vivid memories. It destroyed me emotionally. I think the other members of Queen were really brave to attempt such a difficult concert. It must have been hell without Freddie.”

David Minns


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