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Freddie Mercury records ‘New York’ demo at Musicland Studios

6 July 1984, Freddie Mercury records ‘New York’ demo at Musicland Studios in Munich during ‘Mr. Bad Guy’ sessions.

This short yet charming piano piece was the last thing to be recorded by Freddie before embarking on the upcoming Queen Works! world tour.

Unfortunately, he didn’t complete this piece upon returning to the sessions in December, and it languished unreleased for over 15 years before appearing on ‘The Solo Collection’ in 2000.

Freddie spent a lot of time in New York City in the early 80s, this is his serenade, in a light, finger snapping ditty. It’s a fun little song!

A home demo was also recorded, though it remains unreleased.

“I decided at some point that I would like to live in New York. I love New York. It’s wonderful. Work had got to be too much and I’d become tired of the whole business, and decided I really needed a long break. So, I thought about buying a flat in New York and wanted to spend some time there. I was going to live there most of the time. It has a very hectic pace. People were telling us how vicious the city can be, but I enjoyed it. There’s so much to see. The record company took us to all the obvious places to go, to all the restaurants, clubs and things. I was going to leave England and try it on a trial basis, so I actually went and looked at some apartments in West Avenue.

I found a wonderful place that I almost bought. But when it came to living there, I thought, “Oh dear, it’s terribly different!” You can’t live in New York at the pace you do when you’re travelling through it. I didn’t like that idea. I’d have been dead within a week. New York is Sin city with a capital ‘S’. But you have to come away at the right time, because the moment you stay a day too late, it grips you. It’s very hypnotic. It’s all tripping in at eight or nine every morning, taking throat injections so I can still sing. It’s a real place. I love it.”

Freddie in his own words 💛

Here’s the demo https://youtu.be/htO0efb5OzA

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