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Freddie Mercury released the beautiful song, ‘Made In Heaven.

Freddie Mercury released the beautiful song, ‘Made In Heaven.’ It was his fourth release as a solo artist!

The video was directed by David Mallet

A Royal Opera House replica was built inside a warehouse in North London (normal studios didn’t have high enough roofs), where Freddie wanted to recreate scenes from Stravinskij’s “The Rite of Spring” and Dante’s “Inferno”.

The most remarkable element is probably the 67-foot tall rotating globe on top of which Freddie stands in the last part of the video clip.

David said Freddie was extremely anxious and yelled at him as he was atop that massive globe, he said, “It’s a hell of a long way up. And I didn’t realise that Freddie had the odd twinge of vertigo. It was the first time we nearly had words but afterwards, he apologised.”

The iconic outfit that Freddie wears here is quite similar to the outfit worn in the music video for “Radio Ga Ga”.

Freddie actually gifted this song to his godson, Little Freddie Mack for his birthday. He receives the royalties.

“My Godfather dedicated the song “Made in Heaven” to me. Every time I hear it, I am overcome with emotion.” Freddie Mack

So sweet!

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