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Freddie’s Cat Sitter

Freddie’s Cat Sitter

“I had gone to London for my studies when in 1985 I met Mary Austin at a student charity party in London where we had a good discussion about art and other things like student status… I didn’t knew her absolutely not. She offered to come to her home the next day to offer me a small student job. It was a well paid job to keep cats… But she told me not just any cats, they were those of Freddie Mercury the singer of Queen! From 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., some weekends included for £ 2,000 per month.

When I started my work at Garden Lodge, Freddie was not at home and I had not yet met him. A butler had explained to me the work to be done for the cats. The only people present with me were the staff who maintained Garden Lodge.

One night the butler brought me the phone and told me Freddie wanted to talk to me! I thought it was a joke, some sort of hazing. I picked up the phone and heard ‘yes… hi! Can I talk to my monsters?’ I didn’t know how, I had a world famous artist on the phone who wanted to talk to cats on the phone!

The first time I actually met him, it was an evening I hadn’t expected. I was sitting in the living room and suddenly there was a lot of noise outside, cars, lights and a lot of drunk people came in. And there in the middle, Freddie arrived. Immediately, he walked towards me. I was very impressed as if I had an alien in front of me. He said to me ‘do we know each other?’ After the butler introduced me, I shacked his hand and he hugged me!! Then he offered me a glass of champagne. Then there was a party. All the guests were around Freddie wanting to be noticed by him as much as possible…

I worked for him for 2 years in all, I also met the other members of the group, I was invited to the studio in Montreux once, then to several concerts, notably Wembley with a front row seat…

Freddie was a sensitive, generous being who had an aura, a phenomenal presence. His relationship with his cats was mystical, supernatural. When he learned of his illness, he was afraid for his cats.

Knowing that he was doomed, he would not have bear them being abandoned, for him they were his continuity on this Earth, he said that they were a part of him…

This meeting marked me for life. When he died, part of me also left… I also obtained my architectural diploma on November 26, 1991. Everyone will see there the sign they want to see…”

Translated from an interview by Marc Rouault, French architect, keeper of Freddie’s cats for 2 years

Freddie is pictured with his babies Oscar and Tiffany, 1986. Absolutely Beautiful ♥️

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