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I’m afraid we pissed Freddie Mercury off.

“I’m afraid we pissed Freddie Mercury off. We were at Townhouse Studios in London, sound-checking Ian Haugland’s drums with producer Ron Nevison for the Out Of This World album [1988]. All of a sudden this face, a bit red, appeared and announced: “You must be joking.”

Freddie was in the room next to us, trying to record some opera music, and we hadn’t closed the door properly. He said: “Your drums are going straight into our mixing console. Would you please keep it down.” Very posh, very eloquent, but quite annoyed.”

Joey Tempest
Lead Singer of the Swedish rock band, Europe

A funny anecdote, Freddie is still a gentleman while he’s annoyed, we wouldn’t expect anything less from this incredible man… ♥️🌹

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