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Queen released ‘Is This The World We Created

6 July 1984, Queen released ‘Is This The World We Created?’ as a B-Side to ‘It’s A Hard Life’ in the USA

“Brian and I were thinking about poverty going on all around the world and that’s why the track “Is This The World We Created” came about. I think for Live Aid we’re actually going to do that as a special thing, right at the end.

It’s very odd, but we composed that particular song well before the Live Aid project, but it seems to fit in quite well. It was about the suffering and starvation of children all over the planet, and it matched the situation so well that we decided it was definitely one song we would do. I tell you, when it comes to that duet, this song is an integral part of what’s going on, and the song seems to convey a lot of what the event is about. I think that’s probably going to bring tears to my eyes when we do it. I’ll have to make sure I do it properly. It’s amazing.

The first line is, “Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed.” I can’t believe it. It’s as if someone actually asked us to write a song for this event, but we had one already. Actually, it was Jim Beach’s idea. Because it was there, all written, and that’s why they’ve given us a special spot.

I wouldn’t like to say I wrote all the lyrics, Brian helped, but I remember most of the lyrics of that song are mine, Brian probably did help with a line here and there.”

Freddie Mercury 1984 Interview

This song was written as a last minute replacement for “There Must Be More To Life Than This” which had been written in 1981 and intended for the Hot Space album and again for The Works as the album closer. Freddie was reportedly inspired to write this song after viewing a documentary on television about poverty in Africa.

This song was featured on Live Aid as part of the finale. A stunning performance

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