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We played our last shows with Fred in 1986,

We played our last shows with Fred in 1986, though at the time I never expected them to be our last shows – none of us did. Not one of us could foresee that he was going to get ill and die so soon.” – Roger Taylor

Only Freddie knew. He had played his last show in front of about 200,000 fans at Knebworth. It was the perfect way to bring the curtain down on Queen’s reign as one of the best live acts ever!

Freddie and Roger posing in front of the ‘Magic’ helicopter.

9 August 1986 “Magic Tour”

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update gallery Photoshoot
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Gallery A lovely memory of photographer William Rutten:

A lovely memory of photographer William Rutten:

“Freddie was my big childhood hero along with Paul McCartney, but Queen’s ‘Jazz’ was my first real LP! Through my brother I got in touch with Queen and it became a love that would never go away.

And as it was then at a young age, a room full of Queen posters. My highlight was meeting Freddie and that actually happened twice!

I thought it was strange that this outspoken and energetic man on the stage backstage was such a shy and restrained man. I had no idea at the time that it would count for many big pop stars. Freddie patiently signed the pictures I had taken of him the day before and we had the picture together.

For years I had a very small discolored print of that photo because I had no more negatives, yesterday I found the two images. A photo with eyes closed and this one ….

We are now 34 years later, but Freddie will never be forgotten. And in those 34 years I have already captured many other icons.
But this was perhaps the greatest of all! “

William Rutten

A young 16 year old with a dream of becoming a professional photographer at the time and how very lucky to meet Queen.

The beautiful Pictures are from William Rutten’s collection, June of 1986, Leiden, Netherlands 🇳🇱

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When I started working for Freddie in 1979,

“When I started working for Freddie in 1979, Freddie loved spicy food. Not necessarily hot chili, but food flavored with many different exotic spices. Exotic then, banal now!

His favorite curry was chicken dhansak, a chicken curry made from vegetables and lentils. For breakfast, he kept it simple, tea, two slices of toast and jam. I made 12 jars of marmalade and 12 jars of strawberry jam when the fruit was in season. These would keep for a year until the next batch was made.

Very occasionally he might have some scrambled eggs and bacon, which more often than not would end up inside the cats rather than Freddie.

His eating habits changed towards the end of his life. He used to have breakfast, something light for lunch, and then go out with friends to a restaurant for a big dinner. In his later years he still ate breakfast, but then invited friends over, or went out for a bigger lunch, then had something smaller in the evening”

Peter Freestone 🍽🍷🥘☕

Pic taken by Peter F in the very late 80s

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at the press party for the Queen Works! Tour,
11 02 24
Freddie was the greatest love of my life.

Freddie was the greatest love of my life. I know I’ll never love that way again. Although he did love to manipulate, he never tried to change me. And I never tried to change him. I would have loved Freddie regardless of who he was or what he did, because of his remarkable personality. I once asked him why, out of all the people in the world he could have had, he chose me.

He looked at me and his big, brown eyes opened wide. He said: ‘You fought me, you won me!’ …

I’d give anything to spend my time over again with Freddie….

Jim Hutton 🦋🕊️

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