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Tik tok video I wanna share with you

I found this beautiful toy tok video that I want to shared with you

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Gallery Scandal Videoclip

“Today the headlines, tomorrow hard times, And no-one ever really knows the truth from the lies” 🎤🖤

33 years ago, 27th of September 1989, Queen filmed the ‘Scandal’ promo, directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher (Torpedo Twins) – at Pinewood Studios in London, England

‘Scandal’ the eighth track on Queen’s thirteenth studio album, ‘The Miracle.’ It was written by Brian May but credited to Queen. It’s a song about the unwanted tabloid press Brian and Freddie were receiving in the late 80’s.

The video was strictly performance based with the band filmed on a special stage that was designed to look like an enormous newspaper as the song of bitterly aimed at the press!

Brian May has since commented this song is very close to his heart.

“This is something from me, obviously. The idea for this song happened in the studio, but thematically, it’s very close to all of our hearts – particularly Freddie and particularly me, and a little later, Roger, as we were pursued by the media to a destructive point. It was very painful, we did get very hurt – these paparazzi invading our lives. There’s money to be made trashing peoples’ lives in newspapers, and it’s probably never going to change in England.

The press was absolutely horrendous. 😞

On the vocals: “I have kept the first take, as Freddie did for the vocals. In one evening, the song was finished, because we couldn’t do a better take.”

– Brian May

Queen was never satisfied with the video, as it didn’t really have anything to do with the song, referring to it as very cold, the band not interacting with each other and it was a bit “stagey.” Brian said the song’s message was pretty serious, there’s a lot of reality in his lyrics.

Roger voiced his opinion saying he doesn’t remember much about the video, and for being called “Scandal” it wasn’t very “Scandalous!”

Here’s the video clip ⬇️

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Too Much Love Will You’ for Best Song

May 1997, Brian May awarded an Ivor Novello for ‘Too Much Love Will You’ for Best Song Musically and Lyrically!

Brian has admitted that this beautiful and emotionally charged song is the most important song he’s ever written.

He authored this song with Frank Musker and Elizabeth Lamers. This personal ballad is about Brian’s failed marriage to his first wife, Christine Mullen and his attraction to his future wife, Anita Dobson. 

It was written in the US and originally recorded in 1988 by Queen with Freddie Mercury on vocals and was set to go on ‘The Miracle’ album released in 1989, however, there were some legal issues with the companies representing publishing rights for Musker and Lamers so they could not release the song properly on ‘The Miracle.’ Queen had made the decision that all songs would be credited as a band rather than individuals, this gem would go into the vault. 

In 1995, Queen decided to pull this song from their vault as they were painstakingly adding material they recorded with Freddie for their final studio album ‘Made In Heaven.’ They properly released ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ on February 26, 1996. This version reached the #15 slot in the UK. 

“I’m very touched that ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ has been a catalyst for onward journeys in lives. I always worried that the song didn’t give any answers. I was going to write the sequel … But I guess that the song, in combination with where my life actually went, does give enough clues. The biggest truth in the song is, I now believe, that staying in the same place, in these situations, and not making a decision, is the recipe for a long slow mental death. Moving yourself on, even if it’s in a wrong direction viewed in the long-term in retrospect, seems to be the only way forward, and out. And telling the truth seems to be a necessity. That’s a hard place to get to, sometimes….. ” ~ Brian May 

Brian recorded his own version and included it on his 1992 solo album ‘Back To The Light,’ releasing it as a single. It achieved great success, peaking at #5 in the UK, #2 in Belgium and topped the charts in the Netherlands. 

Although, the Queen recording didn’t duplicate the chart success of Brian’s solo version, it’s regarded as the definitive version, and earned him an Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically, at the 1997 Ivor Novello awards. 

We can’t deny Freddie’s impressive vocal range and heartfelt passion he pours into everything he sings! 

“I loved working with Freddie to do that vocal. We were aware that the song was becoming something different, and it meant something different. We were all aware of it. We obviously knew Freddie’s days were probably limited barring a miracle. So the song started to feel like something different. And we didn’t shy away from making it very big, very Queen-like. And I like it.” ♥️

Brian said if there was one song that he would have wanted to win an award for, it was this one.

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“I just love being lavish and extravagant. It’s fun

“I just love being lavish and extravagant. It’s fun. I’m hopeless with money. Life’s too short to sit back and consider those things all the time. I’m a rock star. I’m very rich. I can buy anything I want – including you!”

Freddie Mercury ♥️🌹

Freddie on the set of ‘Princes Of The Universe’

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“Set lists are a very interesting case.

“Set lists are a very interesting case. You have all these songs and everything and what is the optimum way to put them across? Do you just go in there and randomly work your way through where you can and that’s how everybody starts. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can take the audience on a journey and optimize the mood that happens?

The thing is, you want to quit before they want you to quit, you have to kind of be a little bit ahead of the game and Queen evolved this kind of shape to a show which is basically come on big. I mean, there are variations of this, but the shape was generally, come on big, give them what they’ve been waiting for.

They’re full of adrenaline. They want to rock hard, hard, hard. So, the first two or three songs in the set list, hit them hard in different ways, different tempos, different kind of atmospheres, but all hard rock.”

Sir Brian May, 2023

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Late September / October 1986 –

Freddie having a fabulous time being a tourist in his beloved Japan 🇯🇵 (His final visit, ever…)

Misa arranged an outing to see the wonderful gardens and grounds of the Golden Palace, built by an early Emperor of Japan in the ancient city of Kyoto. We were going to make the journey by Japan’s celebrated Bullet Train. Once the train left the platform, it accelerated quite quickly – it earned its name because it travels top speed at 150mph.

Old Kyoto was astonishingly beautiful and filled with tiny antique shops which made it paradise for Freddie. Before we even got to the Golden Palace, Freddie insisted on shopping! He bought an ornate hibachi, a sort of ancient portable terracotta barbecue. He also purchased four very tall antique candlesticks, lacquered in black and gold.

The Golden Palace was closed as it was undergoing renovation work but Misa arranged for Freddie to visit the many acres of perfectly manicured gardens. We walked around the grounds for hours inspecting every flower and shrub. Sadly, Freddie’s favourite, the azaleas, weren’t in bloom. He was fascinated by the topiary, marveling at the intricate shaping of the trees. Another favourite of his was the koi pool, he was mesmerized by the prize golden carp.

Freddie was a delighted tourist running around snapping photographs of everything in sight. He wasn’t very practical with a camera. In fact, he had no idea what he was doing which was cute to watch. When we got his first few rolls of film developed, the pictures were wildly out of focus. He eventually got the hand of using the camera. Then we couldn’t stop him taking pictures by the dozen. 😂

J. Hutton 🌹♥️

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