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Gallery Munich, Germany This is the final The game tour

18 December 1980, Queen performed @ Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany 🇩🇪 This is the final

Show of the year!

‘The Game Tour’

The band perform John Lennon’s “Imagine” one last time in Munich, as a tribute to Mr. Lennon, he was murdered ten days before, on 8th December. 😔

Queen were already in town the night before their show, as this was one of their favourite cities (much of The Game had been recorded at Musicland Studios).

Brian and Roger attended the AC/DC show at the Olympiahalle, after which there was a party at a place called the Sugar Shack. All members of Queen and AC/DC would attend, as well as The Scorpions, Barbara Valentin and other German celebrities.

In a June 1981 interview with the German music magazine Popcorn, Roger called the Sugar Shack “the hottest disco in the world,” and said the band liked the place so much that they gave the owners some of their gold discs. (Queen mentions this popular disco in their song ‘Dragon Attack’ … ‘take me back to the shack’..

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Freddie saved his earnings but announced one day to his mother

“Freddie saved his earnings but announced one day to his mother that he wanted to give most of it away. She had been depositing the cash on his behalf at the Post Office and he had accumulated about £70.
He told her a friend was about to be evicted from his flat and desperately needed money. He asked her to draw out at least £50 and when she asked if he would get it back, he shrugged his shoulders. It was an early example of the generosity for which Freddie became famous. In later years such altruism came easy, it invariably did with fabulous wealth, but Jer Bulsara saw the early episode as snapshot of his developing personality. “That was his way, always generous, always thoughtful of others,” she explained.

  • Jer Bulsara, Freddie Mercury’s mother

Source: ‘Queen: The Early Years’ book
by Mark Hodkinson

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Queen kick off their North American tour in Vancouver, Canada and released their eighth album, ‘The Game!’

30 June 1980 – Queen kick off their North American tour in Vancouver, Canada and released their eighth album, ‘The Game!’

Freddie shocks fans with his new image, a mustache which became his trademark.

“Freddie had some great-looking girlfriends and we were all jealous. Then he grew the moustache, we got more publicity out of him growing that than if we’d all ridden naked down Oxford Street on an open-top bus.” – Roger Taylor 2011

‘The Game’ was a huge success on both sides of the pond! It sold an estimated twelve million copies and the band scored two massive #1 hits in America!

Freddie said ‘The Game’ was his favourite album. 💛

Queen were definitely Rock Royalty!

Bring on the 80s!!!

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Queen released their eighth and highly successful studio album, ‘The Game

Queen released their eighth and highly successful studio album, ‘The Game’ in the UK by EMI and in the USA by Elektra records.

This was the first Queen album recorded in two sessions, the band recorded four tracks from June-July of 1979 and would complete the recording from February- May of 1980. Roger Taylor said they were ambitious and about forty songs had been submitted for the album – certainly enough for a double album, once all the decent material had been separated from the sub-par. Yet, surprisingly, only ten songs appeared on the album.

Despite the fact that Queen had recently purchased their own recording studios in Montreux, Switzerland, they did not use it for this project. All tracks were recorded in Musicland in Munich and were produced by Queen and Reinhold Mack.

It was the first Queen/Mack co-venture but certainly not the last; the collaboration would go on to produce some of the band’s finest work and be responsible for many of the biggest and best known hits.

‘The Game’ marked a notable turning point for Queen in terms of musical style. For the first time they were experimenting with disco/funk rhythms and completely immersing themselves in the bass-driven grooves of the day. Whatever Queen did, and whatever the fall-out might be, good or bad, they embraced it wholeheartedly, and this album was no exception.

‘The Game’ was the first Queen album to feature a synthesizer, though this aspect was unwelcome news to many long term fans who had been with Queen since the ‘Nobody played synths’ albums of the seventies. John in particular is known to enjoy soulful upbeat Motown and disco/dance music, and was the person most at ease with this significant change in direction. From these sessions came the mighty ‘Another One Bites The Dust,’ a colossal international hit that gave John his first No 1 record. Inspired by the kind of bass lines so successfully employed by soul group Chic at that time, ‘Bites The Dust’ came from nowhere to catapult Queen into the stratosphere and a whole new audience – even in the most unlikely quarters as the black funk clubs of New York.

“We were No.1 in all the Soul, Black orientated charts, Disco charts…it was totally unexpected…we never even thought of that record as being a single…” (Roger Taylor on Another One Bites The Dust)

Brian told Mojo in 1999, “We struggled bitterly with each other. We were all frustrated with each other. I remember John [Deacon] saying I didn’t play the kind of guitar he wanted on his songs. We all tried to leave the band more than once. But then we’d come back to the idea that the band was greater than any of us. It was more enduring than most of our marriages.”

“That was when we started trying to get outside what was normal for us. Plus we had a new engineer in Mack and a new environment in Munich. Everything was different. We turned our whole studio technique around in a sense, because Mack had come from a different background from us. We thought there was only one way of doing things, like doing a backing tracks: We would just do it until we got it right. If there were some bits where it speeded up or slowed down, then we would do it again until it was right. We had done some of our old backing tracks so many times, they were too stiff. Mack’s first contribution was to say, “Well you don’t have to do that. I can drop the whole thing in. If it breaks down after half a minute, then we can edit in and carry on if you just play along with the tempo”. We laughed and said “Don’t be silly. You can’t do that”. But in fact, you can. What you gain is the freshness, because often a lot of the backing tracks is first time though. It really helped a lot. There was less guitar on that album, but that’s really not going to be the same forever; that was just an experiment.”

– Brian May interview with Guitar Player 1983

‘The Game’ became a huge success on both sides of the pond, it topped the UK and the USA charts not to mention, it also went on to take the top slot on the Argentinian, Canadian and Dutch charts. The album scored two massive number one hits in America, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and ‘Another One Bites The Dust.’ It was also the only Queen album to reach #1 in the US becoming their best-selling studio album in the US, with four million copies sold to date, tying with the sales for ‘News of the World.’ It was also certified 4x Platinum! This fantastic album has sold an impressive 12 million copies worldwide! Wow!

Queen are most definitely – Rock Royalty. 💛

Freddie said ‘The Game’ was his favourite album

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Freddie’s moustache became a trademark look for him in the 80s

Freddie’s moustache became a trademark look for him in the 80s

“This Polaroid is the very first picture I took of Freddie with his moustache during the last sessions of ‘The Game’ in Musicland (Munich).

Although he had already seen the result in the mirror, he wanted a two-dimensional testimony.

I took the picture and he waited excitedly while the Polaroid developed and I showed it to him. He snatched it from my hand and then exclaimed… – Beautiful! I love it! He was now in the minority.”

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Mid-December 1980, Queen received Gold Discs for sales in Germany.

Mid-December 1980, Queen received Gold Discs for sales in Germany.

The band performed at the Olympiahalle on December 18, 1980 to end a very long and successful year!

Brian May posted this statement on his Instagram about the first picture:

“This might seem random … but there is a reason. I just heard that an old friend of mine who used to work on our promotion in Germany many years ago is poorly. Her colleague sent me this picture to remind me of old days. And it struck me probably nobody has seen this in recent times. It’s a moment in Munich in December 1980, when we were being presented with a gold disc (one of many, thanks to these guys’ hard work) for sales in Germany (on Electrola, as it was).

This shows, from left to right: Werner Pöppel, Gaby Zangerl, me, a very youthful Jim Beach, Jochen Krauss, who sent me the pic, Freddie, John and Roger. Obscured behind Freddie is Paul Prenter, now known to you all as a character in a film, and something of a bad guy, although, of course, he WAS NOT ALL BAD! Biopic movies are always, necessarily, a montage of simplifications (otherwise the film would be years long and not great to watch) But hopefully distilled in a responsible way to tell a decent story.”

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