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Gallery 1980 – Wembley Arena, London The Game Tour

‘The Game Tour’

10 December 1980 – Queen performed their third and final evening @ Wembley Arena, London

‘The Game Tour’

This is another great, energetic performance by the band.

Freddie, before Save Me: “Do you think this moustache is cool? They tell me I look like an Italian waiter, or waitress, or whatever. We’re gonna do a song that features Brian on the piano. It’s from ‘The Game’ album… I’m sure you all know that.”

Later, “How many people were here last night? Just a few. Well, you always know what’s coming next.” Someone shouts “Fat Bottomed Girls!” and Freddie replies, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up. I’ll tell the rest.” Like the last couple nights, Freddie puts in an excellent performance of the song. (That’s our beloved Freddie 😂)

Brian: “This is our last night at Wembley, for the time being.” He then tells everyone on hand that they’re “Almost certainly the best actually, I think you’re the best audience so far. I’ll give you that. I think you’ve got the best voices. It seems like you have this rich tone, you know.” [Interesting how rock stars tend to think the best audiences come on the last night.] “We hope to hear them a bit in this number. This is called ‘Love Of My Life.’” Brian once plays a quick verse of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ in the interlude, as he did a few nights ago in Birmingham.

At the end of the show, Freddie says, “You’ve been a delicious audience tonight!”

According to a fan who attended the show (or possibly the first night), both Brian’s and Freddie’s parents were sitting in the VIP area. “Freddie’s parents had a huge silver ice bucket with bottles of champagne next to them. Freddie’s dad looked a bit confused about the whole thing,” he recalls. They later signed tour programmes for a few other fans. 🍾🥂💛

The first incredible photo is credited to Andre Csillag. The second and third were taken by Phil Reynolds

As always, a huge thank you to Greg Brooks – Queenlive . ca

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