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30 June 1980 Queen launched their North American tour in support of their newly released album, ‘The Game’ The band’s first stop, The Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, B.C., Canada 🍁

This is the first show of ‘The Game tour,’ which would turn out to be Queen’s longest tour of North America. Since it is their current single, ‘Play The Game’ is performed for the first time at this show. It would be played at virtually every show through 1982.

‘The Game’ album is also released today. Freddie Mercury would later state it was his favourite Queen album.

Freddie’s image has changed greatly, as he has grown a moustache. Many fans would react negatively to this transition to the macho gay look of the time, particularly evidenced by the razors thrown onto the stage at many shows over the next few months. On some nights Freddie would often ask audiences what they thought of his new look, usually receiving a mixed response, after which he’d pledge in one way or another to keep the moustache as it is.

Roger Taylor reflected on this period in a 2011 Sun interview: “He had some great-looking girlfriends and we were all jealous. Then he grew the moustache. We got more publicity out of him growing that than if we’d all ridden naked down Oxford Street on an open-top bus.”

Freddie has, however, entered a golden period for his voice. From late 1979 to 1982 he would be at the peak of his powers in concert, using his voice to great extents on most nights, singing creatively and passionately. Songs like ‘Now I’m Here’ and ‘Somebody To Love’ would become building blocks for his stage persona, something which he would master by 1986. He began smoking during this period though, and its effects would take its toll on his voice by 1984. In the meantime, this is Freddie Mercury in his prime.

The band have once again upgraded their lighting rig, giving their show startling visuals. The “Queen Rocks Montreal” official DVD release (filmed at the Montreal Forum in 1981) contains phenomenal footage of the lighting rig at the beginning of the show. This rig was known as both “Fly Swatters” (a bootleg of the Chicago area show would adopt this title), and the “Bic razor” rig. It was the first moving lighting rig ever assembled.

Here is a memory shared by a fan who attended the show: “At the end of the show when Freddie was standing there and singing We Are The Champions, some guy at the front of the stage jumped up on the stage beside Freddie (you could see it startled him at first, understandably) and you could see the security guys started coming out until Freddie put his arm around the guy and finished the song that way. Then the guy jumped back down into the crowd and no harm done.”

The pictures were taken by Doug Bower. The black and white of Freddie was taken by Mark van Manen.

Queen’s album, ‘The Game’ enjoyed great success in the US, it topped the charts, scored two big #1 hits, remained on the charts for 18 weeks, went 4x platinum!


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