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Freddie and hairdresser, Miguel Romano✂️👨🏻

“Did you comb Freddie Mercury when he came to the country?”

– “I cut Freddie Mercury’s hair.” Here it is in a photo (indicates the center table). One day they called me to go to the Sheraton to cut his hair. I asked a friend, because my daughter Paola was in Miami: “They called me to cut Freddie Mercury’s hair. Is he famous? ” I didn’t know who he was . Frankly I didn’t know who he was. He had everything with waves, everything with curls, hair over here (indicated below the neck).

“Freddie Mercury arrived with longer hair in Buenos Aires?“ (It was past his neck with natural curls)

– I saw him with longer hair. Then we went on to know how he wanted his hair and I said: “To cut it shorter, I don’t like it. Either we make a current, modern cut or I would rather leave your hair long. ” At that time it was used long. And we started cutting. And I saw that the drummer grabbed his hair. But I didn’t like how it fit. With shorter hair, it would look better. His two little teeth… it was going to be funny, because he had a little bit of his teeth out. Then I cut it short and well, then he acted and left and I never saw him again. He left with my haircut, short, short.

“Do you know what the drummer wanted to do with the hair he grabbed?”

– I don’t know, nor did I ask. I did not ask. I did not ask.

Miguel Romano, hairdresser from Argentina, he cut Freddie’s hair during the South America Bites The Dust Tour, 1981

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