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Gallery Jazz Tour’canada 1978

3 December 1978, Queen performed the first of two evenings @ The Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 🇨🇦🍁

‘Jazz Tour’

The band are in a very relaxed mood, as they were a couple days before in Montreal. Freddie is in great voice, too. After a subtle applause following ‘Let Me Entertain You,’ Freddie says, “You should’ve seen the audience in Montreal. They’ll teach you a thing or two.” Boos ensue, as there is a great rivalry between Ontario and Quebec (particularly in hockey between the Maple Leafs and Canadiens), which he may not be aware of. He continues, “Forget the security. This is your night!”

Brian, after ‘If You Can’t Beat Them’: “Thanks a lot, good people of Toronto. We haven’t seen you for some time. How are you feeling? You always have some winter for us, thank you. OK, we’re going to take you back some time, a few years ago, to something called A Night At The Opera.” The mere mention of Queen’s breakthrough record results in a great cheer from the audience.

Brian, before ‘Love Of My Life’: “Thank you. A little experiment there. We’re gonna bring a jazz band next time. We used to say we we’re gonna bring an orchestra; we’ll bring a jazz band.” Freddie adds, “And a couple of strippers,” to much applause. “You’re into that kind of thing. Yeah, you’re a smutty audience, I can tell. This is one big sleaze pit, I can tell! One track mind. That’s the way I like it.” He then introduces the next song: “OK, we’re gonna reduce this next number right to the depths. This is a song that… it comes from A Night At The Opera, or something like that. And this is a duet called ‘Love Of My Life’.”

Brian: “We enjoy doing those things for a change. Glad you enjoy it too. OK, we’re gonna change the mood a little again. We would like to welcome back the rest of the group. The rhythm section featuring Mr. Roger Meadows Taylor on drums.” Freddie: “Take a bow, you old tart!”

The last picture is Freddie at George Bigliardil’s restaurant, Church Street

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