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Gallery Madison Square Garden 1980

30 September 1980, It’s round three for Queen at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden 🗽🇺🇸 The band play their third and final evening at this famed venue and it’s another packed house!

Three completely sold-out evenings will end Queen’s biggest US tour of their career!

Three nights at the Garden and four at the L.A. Forum spell success for any performing artist.

Freddie is in a great mood tonight. With his back to the audience for a moment, attempting to introduce ‘Save Me’ while still receiving an ovation, he cheerfully asks, “What is that racket behind me?” He and Brian try to begin the song, and Mercury jests, “Shh! Quiet! Let your mother think.” Some audience members have a giggle.

Someone lets off a firecracker before ‘Fat Bottomed Girls,’ and the audience boos the perpetrator. Freddie then says, “I normally dedicate this next song to the biggest pair of t— in the audience, but I never see one!” In the outro of the song, Freddie adlibs, “Everybody on your bike!”

Brian, before ‘Love Of My Life’: “You think we should turn it up a bit?” The audience definitely comply. “I just want to say a couple of things. About three months ago we left our homes in England and we came for a three month tour of the United States. We’ve had the best possible time, I can tell you. It’s been great. We’re gonna miss New York a lot in particular because we walk down here a lot. Thank you for your support. You’re great.” This is the last time they’d perform the ‘A Night At The Opera’ favourite in the US.

Freddie, at the end of the show: “Thank you, New York. Thank you for being such good souls!

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