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Gallery Scandal Videoclip

“Today the headlines, tomorrow hard times, And no-one ever really knows the truth from the lies” 🎤🖤

33 years ago, 27th of September 1989, Queen filmed the ‘Scandal’ promo, directed by Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher (Torpedo Twins) – at Pinewood Studios in London, England

‘Scandal’ the eighth track on Queen’s thirteenth studio album, ‘The Miracle.’ It was written by Brian May but credited to Queen. It’s a song about the unwanted tabloid press Brian and Freddie were receiving in the late 80’s.

The video was strictly performance based with the band filmed on a special stage that was designed to look like an enormous newspaper as the song of bitterly aimed at the press!

Brian May has since commented this song is very close to his heart.

“This is something from me, obviously. The idea for this song happened in the studio, but thematically, it’s very close to all of our hearts – particularly Freddie and particularly me, and a little later, Roger, as we were pursued by the media to a destructive point. It was very painful, we did get very hurt – these paparazzi invading our lives. There’s money to be made trashing peoples’ lives in newspapers, and it’s probably never going to change in England.

The press was absolutely horrendous. 😞

On the vocals: “I have kept the first take, as Freddie did for the vocals. In one evening, the song was finished, because we couldn’t do a better take.”

– Brian May

Queen was never satisfied with the video, as it didn’t really have anything to do with the song, referring to it as very cold, the band not interacting with each other and it was a bit “stagey.” Brian said the song’s message was pretty serious, there’s a lot of reality in his lyrics.

Roger voiced his opinion saying he doesn’t remember much about the video, and for being called “Scandal” it wasn’t very “Scandalous!”

Here’s the video clip ⬇️

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