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Gallery update Queen Welcome Party at Club 33 in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo

1 November – Queen Welcome Party at Club 33 in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo

Just like in the previous year, Watanabe Productions holds a party for Queen at Club 33 in Roppongi.

There are a number of notable names in attendance. Sony co-founder Akio Morita and his wife, TV host Keizo Takahashi, politicians like member of the House of Councillors Akiko Santo, musicians like Mie Nakao, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Yukihiro Takahashi were among the 300 distinguished guests that were invited.

The party starts with a “kampai!” (cheers!) from Watanabe president Misa Watanabe, and entertainment includes a band made up of other Watanabe acts performing covers like Tie Your Mother Down, which the Queen members cheer on. The party lasts more than two hours, and the Queen members go back to their hotel right away, to prepare for their next show.

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[While in Tokyo, the four members head to Akihabara, a district known for electronics, although now it’s more associated with manga/anime goods. Each of the four members purchase an Aiwa “cassette boy” and a pair of SC-A2 mini speakers. Roger goes by himself to the Kanda shopping district and buys a Roland effector, among other things, spending a million yen in total (about $9,400 USD / 8,000 Euro).]

[Also while in Tokyo, John goes to an electronics show in the Harumi area with the sound engineer Trip Khalaf, spending over 4 hours. John is particularly interested in seeking out a high-definition TV set, and walks around the whole venue looking for it. At one point, he comes across the Pioneer booth, and the Laser Disc demonstration features an image of Queen on stage on the screen. A group of high school girls is watching this video, and almost as if they sense something, they turn around suddenly and see John, much to their bewilderment.] FMOL

Queen wrapped their “Hot Space Tour” in Japan with six concerts, it was their fifth visit to the beautiful country


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