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Gallery update Roger Taylor celebrated his 40th Birthday 

28 July 1989, Roger Taylor celebrated his 40th Birthday with spotlights over his home! Alien Alert! 😁

Roger Taylor decided that he wanted to splash out for his fortieth birthday party, after all, you’re only 40 once! He sent out printed invitations to his guests bearing the words ‘Rock Till You Drop’ (a scan included with the pictures.) They featured a cartoon of himself being borne aloft on a sedan chair by a bevvy of long legged girls!

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He sent out the invitations to just about everyone he could think of, asking them to join him at a ‘schoolboys and schoolgirls’ fancy dress party at his beautiful home in Surrey, laying on a relay of coaches from central London to ferry guests to the bash and back afterwards. Two huge marquees had been pitched in the enormous gardens of his house, complete with a wooden dance floor, stage for two live bands and full disco lights. He had also hired a ‘Sky-Tracker’, a powerful quadruple spotlight, which was scanning the sky. He had to get permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to use it, as planes had to be warned in case they mistook it for landing lights.

He had no problem with planes – but local police, and the forces in the next county, had their switchboards overloaded with thousands of calls from worried people, thinking the ‘lights in the sky’ they could see were unidentified flying objects. People were jumping into their cars and driving to the source of the lights, thinking that aliens were landing. It caused chaos as many, still in their nightclothes, parked their cars on the busy main road and made a dash across the carriageway to see if they could get a closer view. The whole affair was front-page news in the British newspapers the following day – and even made world news.”

Queen As It Began
Jacky Gunn & Jim Jenkins
Written in Co-Operation with Queen

Freddie Mercury wasn’t the only one who loved extravagant parties! Way to go Rog!


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