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“I think it was close to Freddie’s birthday.

“I think it was close to Freddie’s birthday. We gave him a kaleidoscope, and he was deeply impressed turning it because he didn’t have that much of a blessed childhood. He asked me not really to [talk about it]. He told me a lot of things about that because he was given to a boys’ school out in [India], and he really didn’t want to talk about it. So, this kaleidoscope was really dear to him.

Reinhold Mack also recalled movie nights with Freddie curled up on the couch (‘Amadeus’ was one of his favourites) with hot cocoa and added:

“The nicest thing was when he said, ‘Oh, this is actually like a real family.’ We watched ‘Amadeus’ probably for the eighth time, just sitting next to it at the end, when Mozart was thrown into a ditch and covered in lime, he said, ‘Look, so will I. Just make sure they don’t waste my music.’”

Reinhold Mack

Pictured is Freddie, Mack and John Frederick Mack “Little Freddie” (Freddie and John Deacon’s godson) at Garden Lodge circa 1987. Freddie picked out Little Freddie’s name 😉

I love this story from Mack

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