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Freddie believed he was born with the talent to sing

“Freddie believed he was born with the talent to sing and his voice. The only real training he had was the normal school choir practice. During his adult life he didn’t go to teachers and in the time I knew him, he had no specific doctor for his throat. He even went through life hating his teeth because he didn’t want to risk damaging the sound ‘box’ in his head by changing the shape of his mouth. Saying that, you can see, during shows, the great efforts Freddie goes to to control that instrument, and Brian is quoted as saying that Freddie sang till his throat bled during some recordings. I’m sure that is figurative, but Freddie would push himself to his limit when the situation demanded it.” – Peter Freestone

“Sometimes when we came off stage, Freddie couldn’t even speak. The rest of us would be shouting and having a drink, while he’ll be upstairs in his room, resting his voice. It’s so much more physical being a singer; no wonder Freddie didn’t enjoy touring as much as the rest of us.” – Sir Brian May

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