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Freddie could be a very insistent person

“Freddie could be a very insistent person. He just wouldn’t take no for an answer. When he was a teen he was determined to get a band together and he made me design a poster for an audition to meet musicians. Suddenly, you would see like forty or fifty people queueing outside the assembly hall to be auditioned by this teenager. The scene was a picture. He knew what he wanted, he took control of everything. He was telling them all: ‘You stand here. You do this. You do that’.

For all his enthusiasm, that plan never came to fruition, but he would not be deterred. I’d join him at the Bulsara family home and while his charming and sweet mom plied us with cups of tea, he would play the piano and he would order me to sing along, literally. I couldn’t sing but he insisted and eventually, with his encouragement, I agreed. He said: ‘Look, Patrick, you can do it, see? You can sing!’.

He believed I could. It was an early example of the power of persuasion and unstinting belief that he would apply to himself and his band mates in Queen. He maintained: ‘Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!’ “

Patrick Connolly
Old School Mate and Friend

I love this story That’s completely Freddie


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