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I love the last song Freddie wrote

“I love the last song Freddie wrote, ‘A Winter’s Tale.’ It doesn’t philosophize, it’s just about how beautiful life is. He wrote it one morning, looking out on the mountains from the other side of Lake Geneva (in Montreux, in a little house on the lake that we called The Duck House). He could obviously hear it all in his head, although he didn’t have any musical instruments with him.

Freddie mainly used the piano for songwriting, but there were times when he’d get inspiration when he wasn’t around his instrument. It could be any experience; a skate on the pond or just about anything. I remember him coming into the studio and saying, ‘I’ve got this idea… just give me a few minutes.’ Then he brought it to life. It’s a beautiful track about how beautiful life is.

He was truly a free spirit. There are not many of these in the world. To achieve this, you have to be, like Freddie, fearless, unafraid of upsetting anyone’s apple cart”.

Brian May


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