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“I never carry money around, just like the real Queen.

“I never carry money around, just like the real Queen. If I fancy something in a shop, I always ask someone on our staff to buy it. I love shopping and I love going to auctions and buying antiques at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. The one thing I would really miss if I left Britain, would be Sotheby’s. All my money goes there. Actually, that’s what I’ve been interested in for a long while. And now that I’ve got a little bit of money to throw around, I thought I might as well go and spend it. So I went to Sotheby’s the other day and got a few paintings. The dealers weren’t pleased at all! I love Harrods, and Cartier, and Asprey. The Japanese call it crazy shopping. I walk around like the Pied Piper, with hordes of people following me. I’d go with the wife of the promoter to a department store left open for me after hours. All these assistants standing there and the place is entirely empty, except for me!”

Freddie Mercury

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