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Is ‘Mr. Bad Guy an ‘ego trip’ for you?

Is ‘Mr. Bad Guy an ‘ego trip’ for you?

Freddie: You can call it what you like, I just wanted to do it ‘my way’.

How much of it is ‘personal’ material?

Freddie: Well, in the end, what comes out is me. Tne torture, pain, frivolity, tongue in cheek!

What is your attitude to life?

Freddie: Basically, just having a good time.

80,000,000 Queen albums sold worldwide – what makes you want to go on?

Freddie: I can’t cook and I’m not a housewife! It’s just in my blood, a nervous energy that I have. It’s still my work, and there’s a lot of challenges still to come.

Is this solo album like starting a new career?

Freddie: No – it’s just a bit on the side.

What did you do on the album apart from singing?

Freddie: I played piano and synths.

Why didn’t you use very well known musicians on the album?

Freddie: Basically, I used the best session musicians from Germany who are very good in their own right.

Do you write songs with specific meanings?

Freddie: No, not always. A song can mean anything. But I’m a true romantic and a very loving person, and I think that comes out in my songs.

Freddie Mercury grants an interview in Germany for the CBS International Conference in 1985, prior to the release of ‘Mr. Bad Guy’

Mack and Wissnet also engineered the sessions (as they did for Queen’s ‘The Works’ album)


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