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Mary talks about Freddie

“Freddie was always very protective of me. I only realised after he died, quite how protective he’d been. If something happened he’d say, “Oh darling, don’t worry we’ll get over that.” He was uplifting. At other times, when he was aware he had AIDS and only had a limited time to live, there’d be the odd serious conversation when he’d say to me, “Let’s go and sit, we don’t know how long we have.”

‘No, I’d rather it happened the other way round. I should have gone first – I’d rather he miss me than I miss him.’

~ Mary Austin 2011 Interview

Mary was in Freddie’s life before the fame and remained in his life throughout all of his ups and downs. She always had a special place in his life, it’s not for us to understand but it’s love! Unconditional love! Their relationship ended but they still remained extremely close together. That’s a very special bond or ‘friendship of the highest standard’ as Freddie has said himself


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