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The video, ‘Time Waits For No One” is released

20 June 2019 – The video, ‘Time Waits For No One” is released by Universal Music Group on the official YouTube channel of Freddie Mercury.

An unearthed song, ‘Time Waits for No One’ A stripped-down version of “Time” by Freddie Mercury has resurfaced more than 30 years after it was recorded. For the first time, viewers finally get to feast their eyes upon the enigmatic Mercury as he delivers an emotionally raw performance at London’s Dominion Theatre. It’s absolutely stunning!

Dave produced and released the track and music video under the title “Time Waits for No One.” It’s a bare-bones rendition of the ballad showcasing Freddie’s powerful voice, paired only with pianist Mike Moran on piano.

“When Freddie came into the studio and it was just Mike Moran on the piano and him,” says Clark, “it really was fantastic. It gave me goosebumps. Then we got into the track and we did 48 tracks of backing vocals, which had never been done in Abbey Road before. The final version was a 96-track production. I loved it, Freddie loved it. It was a joint idea to make it different that way. Freddie, at that stage, liked innovative things, so that’s what we aimed to do.

Though the final version of ‘Time’, with all those backing vocals by Mercury, Christie and Peter Straker, was a hit – reaching No.32 in the charts in May 1986 – Clark later pondered about the original stripped-down version featuring just Mercury and Moran. In the mid-90s, he made his first attempt to do something about it.

It was the original recording of the ballad in London’s storied Abbey Road Studios that had deeply moved Clark.

“In the back of my mind, I knew that the final version worked, and you can’t knock it because it is fabulous. I loved it when Freddie was on his own singing it. I’ve never felt that sort of goosebumps feeling that I got on that original run-through at Abbey Road [Studios] with just Freddie and piano,’” Clark said in the statement.

It was a decade after it was made that I thought I should try to find the other version, even if just for my own enjoyment. There were 96 tracks, 48 tracks of vocals, with everyone singing on different things. Could I find it? No.”

Clark, a determined character, did not give up.

The song had been buried deep in his vaults for more than three decades.

“Every few years I would say to my engineer, ‘Go down to Abbey Road and go through it all again at the vaults.’ We could never find the one that had only Mercury and no other backing.

At the end of 2017, we found it in the tape archives and I thought, Wow, it’s great.”

Because Moran had played so many versions for the original, each one slightly different, Clark decided to ask him to redo the piano accompaniment to Mercury’s singing for the upcoming 2019 release. Moran recorded a new piano track at his Buckinghamshire studio, and Clark was able to produce the performance he’d always wanted to hear again.

Dave pulled together “Time Waits for No One” music video with negatives and unprocessed film from a hasty four-camera shoot with Freddie at the West End’s Dominion Theatre in 1986. It features him singing the ballad onstage in the same theater where the “Time” musical was playing an evening show. Freddie asked Dave, “How do you want me to perform this?” just before shooting started at the Dominion. Clark told him he wanted “a cross between Edith Piaf, Jennifer Holliday and Shirley Bassey”. Freddie joked, “Well, dear. I have all the dresses. I can do it perfectly!”

“Looking at this new video for the song I thought, Wow, Freddie on his own without anybody else, shows the emotion of the song, Clark added. “We all know he’s a great singer, but I don’t think he’s been seen on his own with just a piano like this. It makes you realize how good somebody is.”

In the first five days after its release, on 20 June 2019, the single of ‘Time Waits for No One’ sold in such huge quantities that it entered the charts. The video was viewed more than five million times in five days. Clark is proud that he captured a different side of Mercury.

“We were all simply aiming to make a special record. Now, nearly four decades on, it’s great to show Freddie off, and for people to see what he is like just on his own and not in front of 100,000 people, or with a band behind him,” says Clark. “Freddie’s performance on ‘Time Waits for No One’ was simply magical.”

A stunning eulogy to the Queen frontman, produced and directed by one of his closest friends.

Relive the magic 👇

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