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Queen performed their very first show,

51 years ago …. 27 June 1970, Queen performed their very first show, Brian and Roger performed with their new lead singer, Freddie Bulsara (not yet Mercury) under the name Queen at City Hall in Truro, Cornwall

This is the very first gig Queen ever performed, a charity event organized by the British Red Cross. It was booked for Smile (the pre-Queen band consisting of guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor, and bassist/vocalist Tim Staffell) by Roger’s mother (Winifred) who was involved with the charity. She posted numerous ads, the earliest one in February. A roadie at the time, Ken Testi, insists they were called Queen at the first gig. Roger Taylor confirmed this in 2019 with a photo of his May 27, 1970 diary that he posted on his Instagram. Another photo he posted indicates they considered calling the band ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ a few days prior.

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Freddie Mercury recorded ‘Living On My Own
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Freddie Mercury recorded ‘Living On My Own

6 April 1984, Freddie Mercury recorded ‘Living On My Own’ an early incomplete version, at Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany.

This song was featured on Freddie’s first solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy” he wrote the entire album himself.

Interviewer : What about ‘Living on my own’ ? That sounds very personal because you travel the world more or less in a gypsy style, don’t you ?
Freddie: Well, that is ‘Living on my own’. Yes, that’s like… Basically if you listen to ‘Living on my own’ that is very me, it’s living on my own but having fun. There’s a bit in the middle where I do my scat singing and I’m just going… When you think about somebody like me, I mean my life-style, I mean I have to sort of go around the world and live in hotels and that can be very lonely but then… I look upon it and I don’t want people to say ‘Oh…’ you know, I just say that’s my life, it can be a very lonely life, but I mean I chose it and so, that song, it’s not dealing with people who are living on their own in sort of basement flats, or things like that. It’s my living on my own, and they are going to say ‘Oh my God, how can he live on his own ?’ But I mean, you can have a whole… a shoal of people you know looking after you, but you can be still living on your own because in the end they all go away and you live, you know, you live in a hotel on your own. And so basically what I’ve got to say is that I’m living on my own but I’m not complaining. I’m just saying I’m living on my own and I’m having a bogey time. Does that make sense, honey ?

Interviewer : It does, yes it does.

Freddie: It’s a different kind of living on my own, but I’m just saying that people in my.. with my success can be lonely and can live on their own as well.

Freddie Mercury interview from 1985

“Mr. Bad Guy” album was recorded the beginning of 1983 – January 1985

Queen performed @ The Paramount Northwest Theater in Seattle, Washington
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Queen performed @ The Paramount Northwest Theater in Seattle, Washington

6 April 1975, Queen performed @ The Paramount Northwest Theater in Seattle, Washington 🇺🇸
“Sheer Heart Attack” Tour

The band close out their second leg of their first world tour tonight. They played 40 shows in North America!

It was a double bill with Kansas playing first, with each band doing their own set with encores. Some accounts say Styx was the opening act.

A fan who attended the show claims that after each band played their respective sets, they joined forces to play a fairly lengthy set together.

A 16-year-old Nikki Sixx attended this show, having slept on the sidewalk the night before the show to get a good seat.

The band soon took off to Hawaii for a week-long vacation, a much-needed rest before their pending first tour of Japan. A show scheduled for April 7 in Portland was cancelled, likely to rest Freddie’s voice for the bigger shows to come.

Their tour would commence on 19 April 1975 in Tokyo.

Queen Live

I love the last song Freddie wrote
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I love the last song Freddie wrote

“I love the last song Freddie wrote, ‘A Winter’s Tale.’ It doesn’t philosophize, it’s just about how beautiful life is. He wrote it one morning, looking out on the mountains from the other side of Lake Geneva (in Montreux, in a little house on the lake that we called The Duck House). He could obviously hear it all in his head, although he didn’t have any musical instruments with him.

Freddie mainly used the piano for songwriting, but there were times when he’d get inspiration when he wasn’t around his instrument. It could be any experience; a skate on the pond or just about anything. I remember him coming into the studio and saying, ‘I’ve got this idea… just give me a few minutes.’ Then he brought it to life. It’s a beautiful track about how beautiful life is.

He was truly a free spirit. There are not many of these in the world. To achieve this, you have to be, like Freddie, fearless, unafraid of upsetting anyone’s apple cart”.

Brian May