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Queen performed @ Nichidai Kodo, Tokyo, Japan 

4 April 1976, Queen performed @ Nichidai Kodo, Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 ‘A Night At The Opera’ Tour

This is the final show of Queen’s second tour of Japan.

The Sendai show was intended to be the last night, but this show in Tokyo was added due to extremely high ticket demand. The Budokan presumably wasn’t available, so another venue was found.

In Ogre Battle, the scream sample lifted from the album is played near the end of the instrumental section for the last time.

Freddie does a few interesting improvs at the end of Sweet Lady: “I’m gonna leave you baby; I’m gonna take you home; you’re beautiful; just too much.” He’s clearly enjoying himself on the final night. After the song he says, “What a rowdy bunch.”

Roger Taylor’s drum solo in Keep Yourself Alive is two minutes long – one of his longest ever.

Fans would throw underwear on stage, and also shower the band with gifts. For the this last show, the band needed a separate room just to hold all the presents. They kept everything!

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