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Fans want to know what Freddie would think about his now famous ‘fist in the air

Fans want to know what Freddie would think about his now famous ‘fist in the air’ pose being used in memes.

“I think it would make him even more aware of his influence over people. It was at Live Aid that Freddie saw the whole vast crowd doing the hand clapping during Radio Gaga, and afterwards he commented that it made him a bit scared how the band could have so much sway with fans. I’m sure he would see the funny side of all the memes that are doing the rounds at the moment though.”

There’s also a question about his leather armband…

“The leather armband Freddie wore on his bicep for Live Aid has no hidden meaning.
As you know, whenever Queen performed their stage costumes were always a talking point. Freddie wanted to look as normally dressed as he could for this show, but couldn’t resist a tiny bit of showmanship and found this leather wristband amongst his jewellery. He wanted to know if it would be talked about, and sure enough it has been since the show in 1985!” 💛👑💛

Peter Freestone

Freddie in his iconic stance Live Aid July 1985

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