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Freddie Mercury recorded ‘Living On My Own

6 April 1984, Freddie Mercury recorded ‘Living On My Own’ an early incomplete version, at Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany.

This song was featured on Freddie’s first solo album, “Mr. Bad Guy” he wrote the entire album himself.

Interviewer : What about ‘Living on my own’ ? That sounds very personal because you travel the world more or less in a gypsy style, don’t you ?
Freddie: Well, that is ‘Living on my own’. Yes, that’s like… Basically if you listen to ‘Living on my own’ that is very me, it’s living on my own but having fun. There’s a bit in the middle where I do my scat singing and I’m just going… When you think about somebody like me, I mean my life-style, I mean I have to sort of go around the world and live in hotels and that can be very lonely but then… I look upon it and I don’t want people to say ‘Oh…’ you know, I just say that’s my life, it can be a very lonely life, but I mean I chose it and so, that song, it’s not dealing with people who are living on their own in sort of basement flats, or things like that. It’s my living on my own, and they are going to say ‘Oh my God, how can he live on his own ?’ But I mean, you can have a whole… a shoal of people you know looking after you, but you can be still living on your own because in the end they all go away and you live, you know, you live in a hotel on your own. And so basically what I’ve got to say is that I’m living on my own but I’m not complaining. I’m just saying I’m living on my own and I’m having a bogey time. Does that make sense, honey ?

Interviewer : It does, yes it does.

Freddie: It’s a different kind of living on my own, but I’m just saying that people in my.. with my success can be lonely and can live on their own as well.

Freddie Mercury interview from 1985

“Mr. Bad Guy” album was recorded the beginning of 1983 – January 1985


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