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“The first time I met Freddie

“The first time I met Freddie was when I attended the video shoot for ‘Friends Will Be Friends’, a day I will NEVER forget. The whole band had to pass me to go backstage and when Freddie was near me, I put my arms around him, kissed his beautiful cheek, said: ‘I love you, Freddie.’ He said, with a spark of laughter in his eyes: ‘OK, take it easy!’, and put his hand on my arm. I think he knew I was seriously considering never letting him go. Afterwards, we waited for him to leave the studio and when he had signed one of my drawings, he actually put his cheek forward for another kiss and smiled. And as he was driven away in a car, I waved to him and he winked.

The next time I met him was outside his house on the evening of December 13th 1987 (picture taken in the dark). I called his name and he turned around. ‘Can I have my photo taken with you please?. He comes towards me and with a gesture of his arm he said, in a welcoming, patient tone: ‘Come on, let’s get out of the road’. He put his arm around my back, his hand on my shoulder and the photo is taken. In a sudden release of emotion, I slip both my arms around him and kiss his cheek. As he began to walk away, he looked at me with a smile he said: ‘Thank you. Bye’”

Signed off, Helen Facenna 💛

Thank you Helen for sharing your cherished memory

The beautiful picture from December 1987 is attached

What an extremely lucky lady! 37 years ago, Queen shot the video ‘Friends Will Be Friends,’ and it’s perfect to share this beautiful story!

(Helen met Freddie again, on another occasion)

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